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Does my child have to attend kindergarten?

Kindergarten is not compulsory. Whilst your child does not have to attend Kindergarten, it is highly recommended. Kindy is a great opportunity for your child to focus on social, emotional, literacy, numeracy and physical development. Prep is the first compulsory year of schooling in QLD. If your child does not attend Kindy, they will go straight into Prep the following year.

What age does my child need to be to attend Community Kindy?

Our Kindergarten program is is for children that are four or will turn four by the 30th June in the year they are attending. 

Will my child learn a curriculum?

Yes.   Our educational program is guided by the Principles and Practices of the Early Years Learning Framework, C&K's Curriculum Approach and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

Our Educators plan play-based learning experiences that offer opportunities for children to explore, problem solve, imagine, create and develop friendships. Children build on their social and emotional understanding and capabilities in language, literacy, numeracy, science, technology and the arts.

We believe every child has the right to play and experience a happy fulfilling childhood. We honour children's developing competencies and contributions to our kindergartens community.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes! Our Teachers hold a Bachelor of Education and all of our assistant educators hold Diploma of Early Childhood Education.  Our teachers and educators passion, dedication and skill in delivering the curriculum through play-based learning, together with our spacious, purpose-built facilities are what sets our kindys apart!

I have older siblings, how can I manage the two drop-offs at different locations?

Our Kindergarten start and finish times are staggered from the local Primary Schools. This is specifically to make it easier for families with siblings to be able to manage the school drop-offs and pick-ups. Our kindy opens at 8.30am and closes at 2.30pm.   We often have families come to Kindy last after the school drop offs, allowing the parent to stay a little longer, settling their child in at Kindy.

How many children will be in my child’s class?

The maximum number of children in each group is 25. There will always be 1 Teacher and 2 Education Assistants in attendance and if needed an Inclusion Support staff member. This smaller group structure allows teachers to have more one-on-one contact with each child as well as offering an inclusive environment for children experiencing various learning challenges.

We live outside the catchment area. Can I still enrol my child?

Yes, unlike some schools, we are not zoned and welcome children from all over our local community to enrol.

What days of the week will my Child Attend Kindy?

Your child will attend Community Kindergarten either 5 days per fortnight.  We operate two groups, Red Group (every Monday, Tuesday & alternating Wednesday) and Yellow Group (every Thursday, Friday and alternating Wednesday).

Does My Child Have to Be Immunised to attend Community Kindy?

Yes, Caloundra Community Kindergarten only enrol children who are fully immunised as per the immunisation schedule.  Immunisation statements will be required upon enrolment.

Our Kindy Worms
Bug Homes
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“The Caloundra Kindy really is woven into the fabric of the Caloundra community. For over 50 years the Kindy has prepared our kids for all that life presents to them, from one generation to the next. From modest beginnings back in the 1960’s the Caloundra Kindy still embraces a set of values that allow our young boys and girls to live, laugh and learn in a great environment”.


Cr Tim Dwyer | Previously Deputy Mayor & Caloundra Kindy Kid 1968


Tim Dwyer - top row, third from left

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land and sea

upon which we live, work and meet, the Gubbi Gubbi People.

We pay our deep respect to elders past, present and emerging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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