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2019 Info

Building Relationships


We are looking forward to seeing you all at kindy this week after the long summer break.

This year at Caloundra Kindy we have many new children and their families starting with us, and whilst kindy is a familiar place for many of our children, whether you are new or not, returning after so many days away can be an anxious time for many

All the educators at Caloundra Kindy will try to ease this anxiety as much as possible and one way we do this is by focusing on individual relationships and a child’s sense of belonging. We know, and have seen first-hand, how important this is. All children need to feel that they are in a safe environment where they are cared and loved by the people around them, where their individual needs for support, respect and friendships will be met and that if they encounter any problems they know that they have people who they can turn to for help  – with this comes a sense of belonging.

Relationships within an early childhood setting, we feel, are one of the most important aspects of enabling children to feel safe, feel welcomed and that this is ‘their place’.