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Kindy Information

Red & Yellow Groups

The kindy kids attend 5 days a fortnight during school term times.

They are split into 2 groups of 25 & 25.

We call them the RED & YELLOW GROUPS:


Red Group

Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesday

8:30am – 2:38pm

Yellow Group

Thursday, Friday, alternate Wednesday

8:30am – 2:38pm


Rest Times

We acknowledge that all children have different body rhythms. We encourage children to rest and relax as they need in our many quiet areas. We have quieter, relaxing learning experiences planned in the afternoon. Children who need to sleep will be offered a bed to rest on.

IMG_3149 2.jpeg

Food & Nutrition

Each day your child will require a nutritious lunch and a healthy morning tea in a lunchbox which we keep in the fridge.


Morning tea: Fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cracker biscuits, cheese, sandwiches

Lunch: sandwiches, salads, pita bread,

fresh/dried fruit, pasta, sushi, wraps, rice or yogurt.

We encourage NUDE food - food sent in reusable containers rather than wrapped in plastic.

We are not a nut free kindergarten, however if children enrol with specific allergies and food intolerances we will do our best to accommodate.


Everyday Items

Each day please bring the following to Kindy:

  • Sun smart hat (supplied)

  • Cloth library bag (supplied)

  • Plastic / aluminum drink bottle

  • Healthy morning tea

  • Nutritious lunch

You will be required to bring a spare set of clothes.

You can purchase Kindy t-shirts, wet bags and additional hats at the office.

More Info

We work with parents to support children's optimal health and development. In particular, we work collaboratively with parents whose children have special needs, such as asthma or developmental delays. We support children and families to nurture, play & grow.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land and sea upon

which we live, work and meet, the Gubbi Gubbi People.

We pay our deep respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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