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"Coming to Kindy is a part of my life that I really enjoy. I love helping the educators, but most of all I love being involved with the Kindy kids. They are so precious at this age, some of the things they come out with are hilarious - we have so much fun and many laughs."

Carolyn volunteer

Our community kindy relies on the generosity of its many wonderful volunteers...


In 2018 our Committee was made up of parents of children who were attending Caloundra Kindy, however the unique thing about that year was that we had three members who were all once Caloundra Kindy Kids themselves! 


As the only remaining parent and community managed Kindergarten in the Caloundra area we rely heavily on the generosity of our families... 


"Rita and I were Caloundra Kindy kids. Each year we support the fundraising efforts of the kindy and have great fun attending the events that the committees put on. It has been an absolute delight to know that we have in a small way helped shape the Kindy into what we see today"

Lesleigh, Sunstate Jewellers, Moffat Beach


Over the last 50 years Caloundra Community Kindergarten has created connections with a multitude of community groups and businesses in the local area. The generosity and support of our local community has allowed us to successfully raise funds for our not-for-profit organisation each year.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land and sea

upon which we live, work and meet, the Gubbi Gubbi People.

We pay our deep respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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